Cravattificio was born in 1963, when Sergio Carignani began producing ties and in a few years, with great passion and dedication to work, quickly transformed it from a small local company to national level.

Already in 1970 the old premises no longer was a fit for the offices new needs, and so the factory moved to a new location in Palombare, where it still is located today.

Another important milestone in the history of Cravattificio Doric occurred in 1997, when Sergio’s son Marco, joined the family business bringing new ideas and contributing to the ongoing development of the business.

In the last decade, after consolidating its presence in the Italian market, Cravattificio also works internationally, exporting mainly in Sweden, England, Greece, Japan and Australia.

The Cravattificio Dorico Group includes the brands "Sergio Carignani" and "Marco Carignani".